„Ex-King Michael Of Rumania Becomes Market Gardener (1953)” (British Pathé)

Monarhia Salvează România

Arrival by plane of members of Rumania former Royal Family at airfield.
Various shots of Ex-King Michael of Rumania and Queen Anne leaving Ayot House with dogs, to make morning tour and inspection of gardens and farm. Royals leaving the greenhouse, welcomed by their two children, Princess Margaret and Princess Helen. They then watch two daughters of Mr. Hobbs, Pat and Jean planting beans. LS The Royals in the poultry farm – children feed chickens. LS Pathe’s John Parsons interviewing the Royals. LS Their house. MS John Parsons have interview with the Royals.

(Orig. Neg.) Old record suggests material dates from around 25/10/1953.
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