Centrul de Genealogie


Starting on March 1, 2014. Deadline submission: 31 July 2014

We want to present students and their teachers with an opportunity to explore Europe as a network of exchanges: in culture and science, in politics and economy…

People in Europe have always corresponded and travelled to exchange their ideas and inventions. And they are still doing so. Every European is part of this ongoing network of European civilization.

In the Essay Contest 2014, (from 1-3-2014 till 31-7-2014) focuses on the European connected world before 1914as a development of all along the 19th century. These connections were made by technique but also by personal relationshipsof scientists, artists and reformers, crossing all national borders which are cut suddenly off by the outbreak of the war.

Before the first world war Europe was a more or less closely connected continent. There was a lively exchange of ideas between scientists…

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